Through the year 1960, a clause in the Pro Golfers Association (PGA) guidelines - Article III Section I - stated only Caucasian males 18 and older were eligible to receive their tour card.  


There were amazing men and women golfers from all cultures whose talents went unrecognized nationally until 1961, when African American golfer Charlie Sifford broke that color barrier by receiving his PGA card and opened the door for golfers of all ethnicities to officially compete on the tour.


Society 61 is a clothing brand for golfers designed to honor the pioneers from the past who paved the way for the culturally diverse sport that golf is today. Society 61 was cultivated not only from a love of golf but also a love for our culture. Our company was named in homage to that barrier breaking year, 1961, and we launched our business in 2021 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of that historic moment. We combine traditional style with the modern look and feel of today's best sports materials and fabrics. We look forward to being your go-to clothier for everything golf and more. 


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